Success Stories

Eighth district constituents share their experiences:


“I want to thank Elissa Slotkin’s office here in Lansing, Michigan for helping me to get my medical and personnel records from the U.S. military. I have been trying for over two years through a VA center here in Lansing with no luck and no call-back. Elissa’s office and her staff did it within a month and I want to say they’re the most professional people I have ever dealt with, and God bless them all.” - David Bradley



“On behalf of BSA troop 347 in Brighton, we’d like to thank Congresswoman Elissa Slotkin for her help in dealing with a real customer service problem we had with Amtrak. Because of her quick assistance, we were quickly able to resolve the problem and a number of the boys from our troop will be able to have a summer adventure at Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico. Thank you again, Congresswoman Slotkin, for your help on behalf of Troop 347 in Brighton.” - Brighton Boy Scout Troop 347



"I didn't know whether to laugh, or cry, or freak out when I logged onto the IRS website this morning, and there it was: Payment Status(.) They say that it will be directly deposited into my checking account tomorrow! So I can hardly believe it, but I'm super grateful. It has been super stressful at times to have had to wait so long to receive my federal tax return from the IRS. Really, it was the not knowing, and not being able to anticipate it in order to cover certain payments that was so frustrating. But just as I imagined, if and when it came, it would be incredibly helpful, so I want to thank Rep. Slotkin's office for standing alongside me in this process. It was much easier to tolerate knowing that Rep. Slotkin's staff was out there advocating for me. It is a tremendous blessing to find out that I had an advocate available to me through your office, and an additional comfort to be provided with some answers and guidance along the way. I'm so pleased that the end result was as it's turned out to be. I wouldn't hesitate for a moment to reach out again with another question or concern. Especially after finding out how prompt and helpful Rep. Slotkin's office has been." - Eric Zang